Our Core Services

Investment Planning

Proactive guidance on all investment matters, including saving for retirement, education funding, insurance needs, housing decisions, debt management and tax & estate planning considerations.

Estimation of your future portfolio value to help clarify financial decision making.

Behavioral finance assistance to ensure you stick with your investment plan regardless of the headlines.

Portfolio Management

Tax-conscious, low-cost investment methodology.

Transparent and understandable portfolio ownership via individual stocks, investment- grade bonds and low-cost index funds (i.e. Vanguard, Schwab, etc).

Ongoing monitoring for rebalancing, appropriateness and tax loss harvesting opportunities.

Business Retirement Consulting

Customized business retirement plan consulting services available to businesses of all sizes.

Alignment of business retirement plan with the best interests of you and your employees.

On-site investment and administrative guidance to your employees to increase awareness and adoption of your chosen plan while improving employee retention.

Our Specialized Services

College Entrance Consulting

We offer solutions to clients with children and grandchildren approaching college admission age:

Recurring client education: “College Roundtable” presentation series co-hosted by Rising Tide College Consulting, Inc.

Maximize Financial Eligibility: Develop and implement multi-generational college savings strategies.

529 College Saving Plans: Tax-efficient college savings plan options with zero advisory fee available to all clients.

Tax Planning

We offer proactive solutions to minimize tax liability through external partnerships with experienced CPAs:

Individualized Tax Planning: Personal and business tax planning incorporating prior year’s tax return and future outlook available to select clients.

Pre-Sale Business Exit Planning: Business advisory and tax strategies to help prepare you and your business for a successful transition.

Deferred Compensation Strategies: Tax and estate planning strategies to address your stock option sale, business exit, liquidity event and succession plan.

Banking Solutions

We offer lending and tax-advantaged charitable giving solutions through our custodial partner, Charles Schwab & Co.:

Charitable Giving: Fulfill family charitable gifting goals while receiving tax benefits through a Donor Advised Fund.

Collateralized Lending: Enhance your borrowing power for business, personal and real estate needs through a flexible line of credit that leverages the value of your portfolio.

Investor Checking Account: Optional no fee checking account linked to your investment account(s) to easily manage both everyday cash and investing. Two accounts, one login.

Investment Planning Process

A successful investment plan marries a repeatable process with individualized solutions.


This stage is all about you. Through listening and Q&A, we work to gain a full understanding of your current financial situation.


We strongly encourage goal-setting. For long-term investors, the horizon is so long that it can be easy to lose focus along the way. Working with you to establish clear, attainable goals, we strive to keep you focused and on a path to success.


Even the best investment ideas can run astray without a plan. We strive to put an investment plan in place that is collaborative, adaptable and achievable.


Once an investment plan is agreed upon, we implement in a systematic way, and guide clients on how to execute within accounts that are held away.


We stay on top of your investments & make sure your plan adapts as your life evolves. We reach out to our advisory clients at least annually, to initiate review meetings and ensure that your plan remains on a course to long-term success..

Fee Only / Zero Commission

Fee-only fiduciary advisors are paid by their clients to act solely in their best interests.

No mutual fund, life insurance or annuity company pay us commissions or fees to sell their products. We believe those product- based fees hurt portfolio performance and skew advisor advice. Our fee for managing clients’ accounts of stocks, bonds, and low- cost index funds is our sole source of revenue. We thus make more money as clients’ investment accounts gain value.




We charge a maximum of 1.0% of assets under management per year. Large accounts may receive a reduced fee. We bill each quarter and deduct our fee directly from our clients’ investment account(s).

Assets under management typically include IRAs, brokerage accounts, trusts, foundations, donor advised funds, and custodial accounts.

Generally, at least $500,000 of investable assets are required. Building an efficient portfolio of individual stocks and individual bonds and at our level of individual service requires sufficient scale.

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