How Tilia Does It

We are optimists who believe that even in the darkest times, the brightest sparks are born. We stay invested in stocks, bonds, CDs and commodities concurrently and specific to each client’s needs.

We invest, manage and report, helping individuals, trusts, charities and small businesses build simple to complex investment plans. Through partnerships we are also able to assist in the fields of insurance, estate, accounting and life planning.

We develop long-term, multi-generational relationships with our clients, affording us the opportunity to guide clients through life’s financial milestones.

Where are you on your financial journey?


Investment Planning

Proactive guidance on all investment matters, including saving for retirement, education funding, insurance needs, housing decisions, debt management and tax & estate planning considerations.

Estimation of your future portfolio value to help clarify financial decision making.

Behavioral finance assistance to ensure you stick with your investment plan regardless of the headlines.

Portfolio Management

Low-cost, tax-conscious investment methodology.

Transparent and understandable portfolio ownership via individual stocks, investment-grade bonds and low-cost index funds (i.e. Vanguard, Schwab, etc).

Ongoing monitoring for rebalancing, appropriateness and tax loss harvesting opportunities.


For Individuals, Families, Trusts and Foundations

We develop long-term, multigenerational relationships with our clients, allowing us the opportunity to guide them through life's financial milestones.

Tilia Fiduciary Partners builds investment plans and manages portfolios for our clients to help them achieve their retirement, investment, education and life goals. On each step of your journey, we provide steadfast, level-headed fiduciary guidance. We diligently manage our clients' portfolios in-house to be as low cost, understandable and transparent as possible.

Let’s plant the seeds of your financial future.



For Businesses

Tilia provides retirement plan consulting services to businesses of all sizes.

As fiduciaries, we work to lower your overall costs (seen & unseen), and align the plan with the best interests of you and your employees. Many legacy retirement plans are bloated with layers of unnecessary costs, while offering limited, lackluster investment options.

Improve your employees' retirement outlook.