How Tilia Does It

Solid investments are built on experience, core-beliefs, discipline and trust. We are laying the groundwork for the health of our clients’ financial future. We take this responsibility very personally and position ourselves to work from their perspective.

Our clients are individuals, families, small business owners and charities working toward a cause — each with unique aspirations and apprehensions. You may be planning for retirement, saving for college or preparing to send your daughter down the aisle. You don’t have to choose sides — “conservative” or “aggressive” — you just have to be you.

Step by Step

Investment Planning

A successful investment plan marries a repeatable process with individualized solutions.


This stage is all about you. Through listening and Q&A, we work to gain a full understanding of your current financial situation.


We strongly encourage goal-setting. For long-term investors, the horizon is so long that it can be easy to lose focus along the way. Working with you to establish clear, attainable goals, we strive to keep you focused and on a path to success.


Even the best investment ideas can run astray without a plan. We strive to put an investment plan in place that is collaborative, adaptable and achievable.


Once an investment plan is agreed upon, we implement in a systematic way, and guide clients on how to execute within accounts that are held away.


We stay on top of your investments & make sure your plan adapts as your life evolves. We reach out to our advisory clients at least twice per year, to initiate review meetings and ensure that your plan remains on a course to long-term success.