Give and Get Back

The accumulation of wealth gives people the ability to plant seeds of change in their communities and around the world.

While many of our clients choose to leave a portion of their estate to charitable causes, others prefer to do so during their lifetime. Planned giving during one’s lifetime allows you to witness the sprouting of the seeds you plant, and gives you more influence and oversight.

Tilia can help you form a philanthropy plan that makes sense for you. We’ll work with you to determine the appropriate mechanism for giving, and help you get a framework in place for oversight and administration.

Tilia can work together with your existing attorneys & tax professionals, or enlist some of our trusted professional partners to assist with the plan.

A successful philanthropic plan may include setting up a family foundation, utilizing donor-advised funds for anonymity, a charitable lead trust, charitable remainder trust, or just simple, planned annual giving. We’ll work with you to customize a plan that makes sense for you.