Our Service Commitment

We spend a great deal of time and effort staying in touch, educating and supporting our clients. An educated client is a confident one. And a confident client will make smart investment decisions alongside us for the long term.

Our advisors meet as a team every two weeks to review portfolio performance.

Each month Charles Schwab & Co., the custodian we have selected for client funds, sends account statements.

Each quarter Tilia sends performance reports detailing how each client portfolio has performed, Net of Fees.

Each quarter Tilia also provides clients our newsletter detailing news about the company, market outlook and articles of general interest.

At least annually we will contact you to schedule a full portfolio review – good news or bad – to update you on your performanceand identify investment planning opportunities.

Clients are always welcome to contact us anytime with questions or to schedule a meeting.


We generally charge 1.0% of assets under management per year. Large accounts may receive a reduced fee. We bill each quarter and draw our fee from the client’s investment account(s). Each client receives an invoice marked "Paid".

Assets under management typically include IRAs, brokerage accounts, trusts, and custodial accounts.

At least $100,000 investable assets are required. Building an efficient portfolio of individual stocks and individual bonds and at our level of individual service requires sufficient scale.

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